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All firearms are potentially dangerous weapons.  Firearms should be kept out of the reach of children.  Use of handgun under any condition may be dangerous.  Serious personal injury or even death could occur without proper training in the safe handling of firearms by an accredited firearms safety course.  No person should handle any firearm unless such person has successfully passed an accredited firearms safety program.  Great care should be used when handling, storing or transporting firearms or when placing or removing a handgun from your Liberty Custom Leather holster.


Never place a loaded handgun in a holster without first testing, in an unloaded condition (double-check to make sure the chamber is empty), for proper fit with the handgun.  Liberty Custom Leather holsters are designed to fit factory equipped handguns.  The use of trigger shoes or grip adaptors or any modifications to the handgun may cause improper holster fit and accidental discharge.  All Liberty Custom Leather holsters are designed to function safely and are made for specific handguns.  DO NOT ALTER YOUR LIBERTY CUSTOM LEATHER HOLSTER IN ANY WAY, INCLUDING ANY SAFETY DEVICE INCORPORATED IN ANY LIBERTY CUSTOM LEATHER PRODUCT TO ACCOMMODATE HANDGUNS OR OTHER EQUIPMENT FOR WHICH THE LIBERTY CUSTOM LEATHER PRODUCT WAS NOT DESIGNED OR INTENDED.  Our products are clearly labeled to identify which holsters offer proper fit for specific handguns.  However, continual changes will occur due to the number of handgun makes and models available on the market.  Liberty Custom Leather is not responsible for typographical and other human errors that can and do occur.  It is the user’s responsibility to personally check for holster handgun compatibility using actual products.  It is also the user’s responsibility to regularly check the holster and its hardware (including, but not limited to stitching, snaps, rivets and tension screws) for proper fit and function.  If at any time your holster appears worn, loose, defective, or ill-fitting, stop use immediately.  Although Liberty Custom Leather attempts to fit the most current model handguns, manufacturers of handguns constantly update their product specifications.  Slight manufacturing changes in a handgun model can affect the proper and safe fit of your handgun in your holster.  Liberty Custom Leather is not responsible for such changes which can and do occur.  Should any Liberty Custom Leather product become worn, loose, broken, defective or ill-fitting, or if in your opinion is unsafe for any reason, stop using it immediately.



Carrying any handgun with a live cartridge in the chamber immediately in front of the firing pin may cause an accidental discharge.  Single action revolvers and some semiautomatic pistols should be carried with the hammer or firing pin resting on an empty chamber.  All Liberty Custom Leather holsters for the 1911 style firearm with safety straps and thumbrakes are designed to carry the 1911 in the “hammer down”, “chamber empty” condition.  Liberty Custom Leather holsters that are “open top” (no safety strap and no thumbreak) are designed to carry 1911’s in all “safe conditions of carry” as specified by the firearm manufactue

It is the user’s responsibility to exercise extreme caution when handling or carrying any handgun and to assume at all times that the gun is loaded.  Do not attempt to cock a handgun while it is in the holster.  Cocking the handgun while holstered can cause damage to the holster, gun, or both and can cause an accidental discharge.  For information on how to safely carry your particular handgun, refer to your handgun manufacturer’s safety and instructional manual.  


You must be certain that your gun is securely seated in your holster each time you holster your firearm before removing your hand from the grip.  Firearms must fit snugly into holsters to guard against accidental loss of the firearm.  However, a snug fit may cause the slide to go out of battery when holstering.  Therefore, you should always place your thumb on the back of the slide to insure that the slide does not go out of battery while holstering.  Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot and always keep muzzle pointed in safe direction.  Keep fingers off the trigger and out of the trigger guard when drawing or replacing the handgun in the holster. 


Always make sure your handgun is fully seated in the holster.  Retaining straps must be used when provided.  During vigorous physical activity, including running, you should not rely on your holster’s retention capabilities; your handgun should be held in place with your hand to prevent the handgun from falling out of the holster.  We strongly recommend that you utilize a regular practice routine to assure the continued capabilities of both the product and the user.

If your holster has tension screws, note that the tension screws are not pre-set at the factory.  You will need to adjust them to the appropriate tension to help you retain your firearm.  You must conduct a regular safety inspection of your equipment each time you use it and you must check your tension screws as part of your regular safety inspection.  Applying a small amount of clear nail polish to the threads of the tension screws after they have been properly adjusted will minimize screw back out.


Carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility that requires constant awareness.  It is your responsibility to exercise extreme caution during any situation where another individual may attempt to take away your handgun.  Law enforcement officers in particular should be familiar with the department tactical and procedural guidelines regarding the use and carrying of firearms in close proximity to potentially dangerous individuals.


Liberty Custom Leather holsters are made from the finest materials and are precision molded to specific handguns.  Your holster should only be used with the designated gun model it was designed for.  It may appear that the holster fit is too tight at first, but this is by design.  Our holsters are engineered to fit tightly knowing the leather fibers will relax to the proper fit with use.  Do not use a holster if there is any contact with or movement of the trigger during the holstering or unholstering process.

You must unload your handgun (chamber, magazine, and cylinder) before testing holster fit. 

If your holster has tension screws:  Since the tension screws are not preset at the factory, you will need to adjust them in order to holster your handgun the first time.  We recommend that you check your tension screw adjustment as part of your regular safety inspection before each use.  There is no reason to completely remove the tension screws.  Do not use Locktite on the tension screws.  However, you may use a single drop of clear nail polish applied to the tension screw to reduce unwanted loosening.

If the fit is too tight when holstering your firearm the first time don’t force it:  If you do force it, it may be difficult to remove the firearm.  Spend a few minutes preparing the leather holster.  Similar to a new baseball glove or pair of leather shoes, it needs to be broken in.  The proper technique to break in your holster is as follows – use your hands only.  Do not use tools, do not use oils and do not use chemicals.  Relax the seamed edges by gently flexing the holster in all directions repeatedly.  This does not mean severely folding, bending or smashing the leather.  Once the body of the holster begins to feel less rigid, it is time to insert and remove your completely unloaded firearm from the holster multiple times to create the perfect, long-term fit.

If your holster has a retention strap:  You may need to relax the tension strap before you get it to snap.  The proper technique to break in your retention strap is as follows – use your fingers only.  Do not use tools, do not use oils and do not use chemicals.  Pull, bend and roll the retention strap repeatedly.  The leather will become more supple as the fibers warm and the internal oils migrate through the leather.  Now, with the firearm fully seated in the holster pocket, hold the grip with one hand and push the handgun into the holster while pulling the retention strap toward you with your other hand.  Keep constant pressure on the strap as you bring it around the rear of the slide/hammer spur to meet the other half of the strap.  With a little repetition and patience you will get it to snap.

Once the holster is snapped, leaving it sit for weeks with the firearm in it will do nothing to stretch it or break it in.  Following and repeating the above instructions is the only way to an ideal break-in and long service life with proper fit that will last many years.

It is common for the inside of a leather holster to scratch from a single holstering.  A smooth leather lined holster will be even more subject to this normal occurrence, called etching.  After this initial etching, the holster will custom fit your handgun.

Some firearm manufacturers sell handguns with very sharp edges.  They have not been deburred/dehorned.  If your handgun falls into this category, it is highly recommended that you have a qualified gunsmith deburr/dehorn your firearm.


Liberty Custom Leather uses the finest leathers for its products.  This leather should require minimal care and maintenance throughout its service life.

Products made from saddle leather come from natural steer hides that are range bred and grown.  Therefore there may be natural range markings (or even brand markings) in the grain of the saddle leather.  This is normal for top grain steer hide, and adds to the beauty and character of your Liberty Custom Leather product.  Similar markings will occur in our genuine horsehide products as well as in our exotic leather products.

If you follow the directions below, you will add to the service life of your Liberty Custom Leather product.


Regularly clean your leather product.

Store your leather in a cool dry place.  High humidity can cause mildew which can permanently damage the leather fibers. 

Holsters that come in contact with body perspiration on a regular basis may need to be cleaned as often as once a month to slow the natural break-down of the leather fibers. 

Use good common sense in the care and maintenance of your leather product. 


Do not apply additional oils (such as Neats Foot or Mink Oil) to your product because these oils will soften the leather too much.

Do not submerge or saturate your leather product in water or any other liquid. 

Do not dry your leather product with heat from a hair dryer, oven, radiator, direct sunlight, etc.

Do not leave your leather product on the dashboard of your car or leave it otherwise exposed to the elements.


Because we have no control over the use of our products, all Liberty Custom Leather products are sold “as is’ and “with all faults”.  By purchasing a product from Liberty Custom Leather, you are acknowledging that all firearms are inherently dangerous and you affirmatively release Liberty Custom Leather and its agents, employees, and representatives from any and all liability for accidents or injuries relating to the use of our products.  The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the product is with the buyer.  Should the product prove defective following its purchase, the buyer and not Liberty Custom Leather, the distributor, or retailer assumes the entire risk of all necessary servicing or repairs.  Under no circumstances shall Liberty Custom Leather be liable for incidental or consequential damages, such as loss of use of property, commercial loss or loss of earnings or profits.  The implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose and all other warranties, express or implied, are excluded from this transaction and shall not apply to the product sold.  The determination of the fitness or the suitability of any product for a specific use is the sole responsibility of the buyer.  Due to uncontrollable variances in color saturation, the actual product may differ slightly from that shown in our catalogue or web site.  Liberty Custom Leather reserves the right to make changes in products built and/or sold at any time without incurring any obligation to make the same or similar changes on products previously manufactured or sold by them.  All Liberty Custom Leather products are produced and manufactured in the U.S.A.  Prices and models are subject to change without notice.  Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation on implied warranties or liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. 


All designs, features, and model names are the exclusive property of Liberty Custom Leather, LLC.  Any and all persons, including but not limited to individuals, firms, and/or corporations are forbidden from imitating, copying or reproducing them in any way.


Liberty Custom Leather uses only the highest quality materials available.  However, we do not manufacture or produce all of the component pieces used in our products.  Therefore, there may be occasions when a return or repair is necessary.

Your satisfaction is important to us.  If you are not satisfied with the quality or craftsmanship of our product, you have 3 days from the date of receipt to return it to us for a full refund.  Such items must be unused and in an “as new” condition.   After 3 days, all sales are considered final. 

Should you have a Liberty Custom Leather product that is defective or in need of repair, simply contact us at for return instructions.  Return shipping is at the buyer’s expense and item(s) may be subject to a 20% restocking charge.  Any refunds will not include shipping or handling.

Returns cannot be accepted for items that are discontinued, worn, abused, custom made, or altered (this includes, without limitation, items with special leathers, basket stamping, decorative stitching, etc.).  We will make every effort to make necessary repairs quickly and return your product to you promptly.  If there is a charge for your repair we will notify you before any work is performed.