Liberty Custom Leather LLC.

Pop Top 

The “Pop Top” hideout holster is for discreet carry of the small automatic below the beltline. In most cases the need for a cover garment is eliminated with the use of this holster.  

Available for most small and medium framed autos.

$50.00 + Shipping 


Saigon Clip

This is an excellent holster that is very fast, and concealable for the larger framed autos.

$50.00 + Shipping


The “Savanna” is made using premium saddle grade leather. It is available rough side in, or rough side out. This holster is available for most medium and large framed autos.

This holster is a favorite around our shop. Most everyone around here carries there larger framed autos in this holster.  It is also available with two belt straps, and as seen on our freedom line can be embellished with exotic leathers.

$50.00 + Shipping